Katherine Cowtan

I am a textile designer and artist who makes unique, contemporary woven scarves in beautiful natural materials to be worn on special occasions, for everyday wear, or as a souvenir of Scotland.


All my woven designs are created and developed on a computer dobby handloom in my home studio.  I hand weave many samples, prototypes and occasionally one-off pieces.

I use traditional weaving structures and techniques, creating designs with a contemporary twist. The colours are inspired by local landscapes, using the highest possible quality of natural materials, and I work closely with small mills in The Scottish Borders, who weave small scale batch production runs of selected designs to my specifications. 


The latest collection of scarves are made with silk and Scottish spun cashmere.  They are lightweight, but generously sized for styling as a cosy scarf or a summer wrap.

The designs are woven in very small productions runs.  Only a handful of each colour combination is made, making them exclusive, very limited editions and some are unique.


The colours, textures, changing seasons and light in the local landscapes are a great source of inspiration.  When working with paint I can use colour more directly and freely than I can with yarns, and I aim to share my observations of local places that I love through my artwork.


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